Michael DiLanno

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Michael DiLanno

Michael DiLanno is a motivated professional with a dual background in Psychology and Business Administration. His comprehensive knowledge in these fields equips him to excel in sales and business development. Currently serving as a committed sales associate at International Healthcare Media, LLC (IHM) and its esteemed brands: Optometry 360™, Ophthalmology 360®, Rare Disease 360™, and Med Journal 360™, Michael plays a pivotal role in driving strategic growth and client engagement.

His primary responsibilities encompass the meticulous tracking of prospective clients and proactively reaching out to them. Demonstrating excellent communication skills, he excels in scheduling and conducting insightful calls with potential clients. Moreover, Michael actively participates in these engagements, adeptly presenting comprehensive information about the IHM Mission and the audience it serves: Healthcare Professionals, Patient Warriors, Patient Advocates and Caregivers.

Michael’s academic pursuits, coupled with his practical experience in the sales domain, have instilled in him a profound sense of professionalism and a keen understanding of effective strategies for engaging with clients. His commitment to excellence and drive for success make him an invaluable asset to the IHM team!