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New video-based educational intervention improves inhaler technique, patient outcomes

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A novel video-based teach-to-goal (TTG) educational intervention aimed at improving patient outcomes in asthma and COPD management appears to enhance inhaler technique, leading to improvements in disease control, medication adherence, and overall quality of life, according to the results of a recent clinical trial.

The intervention not only resulted in immediate improvements but also demonstrated a positive impact over time.

In this prospective, open-label, randomized controlled trial, participants with asthma and COPD were divided into 2 groups: a control group receiving verbal education and an intervention group receiving the video-based TTG strategy.

There were significant improvements in inhaler technique among the intervention group compared to both the control group and baseline measurements. The intervention group demonstrated an improvement from 67% to 93.4% in inhaler technique, while the control group remained at 67%. This improvement was sustained over time, with baseline inhaler technique levels at 49.5% significantly increasing to 93.4% in the intervention group.

The intervention group also exhibited enhanced medication adherence compared to both the control group and baseline measurements. Medication adherence improved from 61.5% to 88.2% in the intervention group, whereas the control group showed only a slight increase from 66.7% to 61.5%. Similar to inhaler technique, these improvements were sustained over time.

Regarding disease control, the intervention group demonstrated a significant amelioration compared to baseline measurements. Disease control improved from 35.3% to 54.9% in the intervention group.

Patients with asthma in the intervention group reported significantly improved quality of life scores at the follow-up compared to baseline. In addition, patients with COPD in the intervention group had better quality of life scores compared to the control group.

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