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Primary Hyperoxaluria

New study reveals higher prevalence of primary hyperoxaluria worldwide

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A recent study has revealed a higher global prevalence of primary hyperoxaluria (PH) than previously reported, according to a presentation at the Kidney Week 2023 Annual Meeting.

The results found that the estimated global prevalence of PH is at approximately 1 in 58,823 individuals, significantly higher than previously reported figures. This equates to roughly 136,000 affected individuals worldwide, indicating a potential underdiagnosis or reduced disease penetrance.

Furthermore, the study identified distinct prevalence rates in different ethnic populations. PH1 was found to be most predominant in East Asian populations (1 in 84,574), PH2 in South Asian populations (1 in 390,788), and PH3 in Ashkenazi Jewish populations (1 in 5,633).

Giorgia M, et al. Genetic Prevalence Estimates for All Types of Primary Hyperoxaluria. Presented at: Kidney Week 2023.