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Thyroid Eye Disease

Anti-TNF alpha agents may be effective treatment for thyroid eye disease

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Anti-TNF alpha agents appear to be effective in the treatment of patients with active thyroid eye disease (TED) who cannot take corticosteroids, according to a poster presented at ARVO2021.

Researchers used data from 8 patients with TED who received anti-TNF alpha agents after showing resistance to or not being able to take steroid therapy. Anti-TNF alpha agents included infliximab (n = 3), etanercept (n = 3), and adalimumab (n = 2). All patients were followed for at least 9 months.

CAS score and proptosis value decreased from baseline to after treatments from 5.5 (SD= 1.69) to 0.5 (SD= 0.75) and 24.12 mm (SD= 2.23) to 22.12 (SD=1.88), respectively.

Patients treated with adalimumab had a resolution of diplopia and a decrease in proptosis compared to those treated with the other agents.

There were no complications associated with the use of anti-TNF alpha agents.

Pakdel F, et al. Efficacy of anti-TNF-alpha agents in active thyroid eye disease. Presented at: ARVO 2021