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What are the most common primary conditions linked with drug-related head and neck cancers?

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To better identify pharmacotherapy that may contribute to the development of cancer in the head and neck region, researchers searched online databases for relevant studies.

The most prevalent head and neck cancers identified in the study were:

-Squamous cell carcinoma
-Thyroid cancers
-Lymphoproliferative disorders
-Mucoepidermoid/acinic cell carcinomas

Researchers found that patients with drug-related head and neck cancers most often received pharmacotherapy for the following primary conditions:

-Organ transplantations
-Lymphoproliferative disorders
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Epstein-Barr virus infection
-Bone sarcoma

Drug-related head and neck cancers were more prevalent in patients >60 years old and in women.

Drugs linked to head and neck cancers were broken down into the following categories:


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