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First patients enrolled in study to research genomic testing in people with rare cancers

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The first patients have been enrolled in TCF-001 TRACK (Target Rare Cancer Knowledge) Study, which aims to provide individualized treatment recommendations to patients with rare cancers, according to a press release from TargetCancer Foundation.

Participants will undergo a genomic analysis and consult with rare cancer clinicians and researchers, before an expert virtual molecular tumor board (VMTB) provides recommendations on treatment options to be considered. A remote consenting process will allow individuals to participate from home without traveling to a clinical trial site.

Participants will be prospectively tracked for at least 1 year to observe patient outcomes based on molecularly-informed treatment decisions.

Data from the trial will also be used to better understand the genomics of rare cancers.

“People with rare cancers deserve better informed, individualized and targeted treatment choices, and we look forward to having these patients enrolled in TRACK,” said Jim Palma, Executive Director, TargetCancer Foundation, in a press release. “We are making significant strides in shifting clinical practice norms by challenging traditional methods of clinical trial enrollment and introducing virtual care into the treatment continuum, and we are grateful for Bayer’s longstanding support of these efforts.

TRACK is sponsored and managed by TargetCancer Foundation, in partnership with Foundation Medicine.

Read the full press release here.