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Cryobiopsy in addition to conventional biopsies improve diagnostic yield of PPLs

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When used in conjunction with conventional biopsies, cryobiopsy improves the diagnostic yield of peripheral pulmonary lesions (PPLs), according to a study.

In this observational study, the diagnostic and safety outcomes for 257 patients who underwent cryobiopsy in addition to conventional biopsies for PPL diagnosis, were analyzed. The overall diagnostic yield was 89.9%, with 22 lesions diagnosed with cryobiopsy alone, improving the rate of diagnosis by 8.6%.

Cryobiopsy appeared to be most helpful when the lesion was next to areas assessed via radial endobronchial ultrasound. Bronchus sign, lobe, and visibility on X-ray were factors identified that significantly affected diagnostic yield.

Severe hemorrhage occurred in 1.2% of cases and pneumothorax occurred in 0.8%.

Hospitalization was required in 2 patients due to cerebral infarction and lung abscess.

Matsumoto Y, Nakai T, Tanaka M, Imabayashi T, Tsuchida T, Ohe Y. Diagnostic outcomes and safety of cryobiopsy added to conventional sampling methods: an observational study. Chest. 2021 May 19:S0012-3692(21)00941-7. doi: 10.1016/j.chest.2021.05.015.