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Real-World Adherence Rates Demonstrate Value of Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests

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Real-world-adjusted adherence rates demonstrate the value of Cologuard (mt-sDNA) as an effective colorectal cancer screening test, according to a series of abstracts presented at Digestive Disease Week 2020.

The research found that that Cologuard offered higher sensitivity, a longer interval, and higher observed adherence rates in real-world usage compared to the fecal immunochemical test.

“Policymakers and other leaders often rely on modeling to make decisions about colorectal cancer screening,” said Dr. Paul Limburg, Chief Medical Officer of Exact Sciences’ screening business, in a press release. “Modeling that incorporates real-life patient behaviors, and the impact of those behaviors on health outcomes, is limited. This new suite of abstracts provides insight into the effect that complex and dynamic patient patterns have on colorectal cancer screening outcomes.”

The abstracts can be found on the Digestive Disease Week 2020 website.

Read the full press release here.