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Trends in curative vs diagnostic resection in management of metastatic melanoma

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As less invasive diagnostic and novel systemic therapeutic strategies have emerged in the management of melanoma pulmonary metastases (MPM), surgical resection volume has decreased, according to a study.

Pulmonary metastases in patients with melanoma have traditionally been managed with surgical resection.

Researchers found that 377 surgical procedures for MPM were performed on 347 patients from 1998 to 2019 at the authors’ institution. Patients were mostly male, with a mean age of 59.3 years.

The mean number of annual resections was 17. In 1998, there was a mean of 6 annual resections which peaked in 2008 with 39 cases, after which a decline was observed.

Diagnostic resection decreased from 22% to 5% to 0 in 1998-1999, 2008-2009, and in 2018-2019 (P = 0.02), respectively.

Curative resection increased from 44% in 1998-1999 to 73% in 2008-2009 (P <0.001), after which is stayed the main reason for surgery.

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