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COVID vaccine efficacy suboptimal in liver transplant recipients

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Some liver transplant recipients, patients with cirrhosis, and patients with chronic liver diseases (CLD) without cirrhosis had undetectable antibody levels after receiving the COVID vaccine, according to a poster presented at The Liver Meeting 2021.

A total of 233 patients were included, of which 62 had undergone a liver transplant, 79 had cirrhosis, and 92 had CLD with no cirrhosis.

Undetectable antibody levels were noted in 17.8% of liver transplant recipients, 3.8% of those with cirrhosis, and 4.3% of patients with CLD with no cirrhosis.

An undetectable or suboptimal antibody result was found in 61.3% of liver transplant recipients and 24% of patients with CLD with or without cirrhosis.

Liver transplantation, immunosuppressive medication, and vaccination with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine were linked with poor antibody response, according to the presentation.

Chauhan M, et al. Suboptimal Response After COVID Vaccination in Liver Transplant Recipients And Those With Chronic Liver Diseases. Presented at: The Liver Meeting 2021.