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Delivering patient-centered care through the Mirum Access Plus program

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Ida Goldstein, Senior Director, Trade, Distribution, and Patient Services at Mirum Pharmaceuticals discussed the Mirum Access Plus, a program dedicated to assisting patients and families in initiating and maintaining their use of Livmarli (maralixibat), during a presentation at the Alagille Syndrome International Symposium.

The program connects patients with professionals who provide guidance throughout the entire process, from accessing the treatment to receiving financial assistance.

A Holistic Approach to Patient Support
The Mirum Access Plus program takes a holistic approach to patient care, Goldstein said. It offers a dedicated staff to assist families with insurance coverage and financial support, ensuring that Livmarli remains accessible to those who need it. Nurse navigators provide resources, education, and a platform for discussions on health-related topics and the Livmarli experience. The program even integrates mobile communication to enhance accessibility for busy families.

The unique delivery model of Livmarli, shipped directly to patients’ homes, eliminates the need to visit a local pharmacy. The Mirum Access Plus program ensures timely refills and handles insurance and physician-related matters on the patients’ behalf.

Real Stories of Patient Experiences
The heart of the program lies in the positive experiences of patients and caregivers. Goldstein told the audience that most caregivers and patients use words like “helpful” and “easy” when describing the program, reflecting the program’s commitment to easing the journey for families and the stark contrast many users have experienced when navigating insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The personal, individual touch provided by the program is what sets it apart, Goldstein said.

One key aspect of the Mirum Access Plus program is the availability of resources and testimonials. Through videos and direct communication, patients and caregivers can learn from those who have experienced the benefits of Livmarli firsthand. Ambassadors share their stories, answer questions, and offer valuable insights, creating a strong support network within the Livmarli community.

A New Horizon for Patient Care
The Mirum Access Plus program is redefining patient care by putting the needs of families and patients at the forefront. Livmarli is not just a medication; it’s a comprehensive program that addresses the unique challenges and requirements of patients. Through personalized support, timely communication, and a focus on patient empowerment, the program has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach medical treatment, ensuring that patients experience the care and support they truly deserve.