At International Healthcare Media, LLC (IHM MEDIA), it is our goal and mission to provide you with the most current, accurate and reliable healthcare information online. IHM MEDIA is funded by the advertisements and sponsorships.

1. We do not endorse products, services or companies: IHM MEDIA has not evaluated the products and services advertised on this site. The fact that certain products and services are advertised on our site is does not mean that IHM MEDIA endorses these products and services.

2. Special Sections This site may publish special sections (i.e. Topic Centers) or additional microsites. Advertisers may fund areas that contain independent editorial content that IHM created or selected. Other content on this site may be provided by or on behalf of an advertiser. To help indicate an advertiser’s involvement, these sections will typically be labeled “Sponsored by” an advertiser at the top of the page. Sometimes we may use other labels on these pages, such as “Brought to You by,” “Made Possible by,” or “Support Provided by” the advertiser.

3. Advertising Restrictions IHM MEDIA has sole discretion for determining the types of Advertising that will be accepted and displayed on its family of websites, and under no circumstances will IHM MEDIA’S acceptance of any Advertisement be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised or for the company that manufactures, distributes, or promotes the products or services. IHM MEDIA will not accept Advertising that, in IHM MEDIA’S opinion, is not factually accurate and in good taste. Advertisers are prohibited from placing any advertising that:

  • Contains false, deceptive, or misleading claims
  • Promotes products that are illegal or whose distribution would violate the law
  • Promotes the sale of fireworks, firearms, ammunition, or weapons designed to inflict serious bodily harm
  • Promotes betting or gambling
  • Promotes pornography

We also do not accept advertising that promotes alcohol or tobacco products. However, we may accept promotions for educational campaigns such as smoking cessation and responsible drinking messages that are consistent with genuine efforts to educate consumers.

4. We will post updates here We may revise this policy periodically. If we make changes to this policy, we will post the updated policy here.