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Chris Ciraulo

Chris Ciraulo stands as the visionary guiding force at the helm of International Healthcare Media, LLC, where he holds the titles of President, CEO, and Chief Content Officer. With a career that extends across more than three decades, he has solidified his standing as a trailblazer renowned for birthing and advancing acclaimed media and educational brands. Recognized as a leading expert in content creation and dynamic omnichannel marketing, Chris is a distinguished authority in the digital-realms of audience intelligence, social, display, native, google, SEM/SEO, programmatic, open-web and AI Chris is guided by eight core principles – integrity, creativity, expertise, independence, passion, resiliency, clear communication, and a love for what he does.

International Healthcare Media (IHM) is the #1 undisputed healthcare digital-only media company in the world. IHM has received numerous editorial awards across various categories, such as the best series of articles, best on-location conference coverage, best B2B website, best user experience, best media video library, and best social media community. IHM recognizes that content needs to be versatile and practical to be effective and, therefore, strives to create content that can be consumed in various ways. Inclusivity and diversity are fundamental values for IHM, which are reflected in its expansive distribution channels that cater to a global community of readers, users, viewers, listeners, followers, learners, connections, and friends. Additionally, IHM’s family of sites is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is evident in its innovative “Text-2-Speech” AI technology. International Healthcare Media is the engine, energy, excitement, and passion behind its corporate tagline, ‘All Content Should Be This Good®.’

Personal Goal: To Be The Biggest ‘Healthcare’ Social Media Influencer & YouTuber in the World!

Online Influencers: Ryan Serhant ‘SERHANT” and Jimmy Donnaldson “MrBeast”

Favorite Book: “The Daily Dad”

Favorite Movie: “It’s a Wonderful Life”