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Prognosis for rectal sarcoma may be worse than thought

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A new study evaluating cases of rectal sarcomas in the United States found that the rare malignancy may have a poorer prognosis than previously reported, although curative surgery resulting in negative margins may lead to better overall survival.

Data from the National Cancer Database (NCDB) from 2004 to 2019 on 133 patients with rectal sarcoma with a mean age of 65.7 years were analyzed. Mean tumor size was 6.1 ± 3 cm.

The crude overall survival and median survival duration were 22.5% and 10.1 (IQR: 3.2-21) months, respectively.

Having private insurance and undergoing surgery was associated with improved overall survival, whereas age, male sex, positive resection margins, and Charlson score of 3 were associated with poor survival.

Surgery was found to be an independent predictor of improved overall survival.

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