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Tissue loss is a major predictor of amputation in diabetes and peripheral arterial disease

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The presence and severity of tissue loss are the most significant predictors of amputation risk in patients with diabetes and peripheral arterial disease (DM/PAD), surpassing other demographic and socioeconomic factors, according to a study.

Researchers analyzed Medicare claims data spanning from 2007 to 2019, focusing on patients with continuous fee-for-service coverage diagnosed with DM/PAD. Using ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, they categorized patients into 8 tissue loss groups, ranging from lymphadenitis (least severe) to gangrene (most severe). A Cox proportional hazards model was employed to assess the 1- and 5-year amputation risks associated with each tissue loss category, adjusting for demographic, socioeconomic, and preventive factors.

The study included 12,257,174 patients, with 48% male and 76% White. Among them, 10% had a history of myocardial infarction, and 30% had chronic kidney disease. While 82% of patients had no tissue loss, 18% (2.2 million) experienced some form of tissue loss. The 1-year amputation rate for patients with tissue loss was 6.4%, compared to 0.4% for those without tissue loss.

One-year amputation rates varied significantly by tissue loss severity:

  • Lymphadenitis: 0.89%
  • Gangrene: 26%

The risk of amputation increased dramatically with the severity of tissue loss:

  • Lymphadenitis: Adjusted Hazard Ratios 1.96
  • Gangrene: Adjusted Hazard Ratios 28.7

No other demographic variables, including age, sex, race, or region, showed a hazard ratio for amputation risk higher than that of the least severe tissue loss category. Higher rates of DM/PAD were inversely correlated with risk-adjusted 5-year amputation rates (R² = 0.43).

The study concluded that tissue loss is the most significant predictor of amputation in patients with DM/PAD, with its impact surpassing other factors such as age, sex, race, and region. The findings suggest that tissue loss should be a key focus in patient management and public health campaigns.

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