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Presentations on Achondroplasia and TransCon CNP at International Skeletal Dysplasia Society Meeting Announced

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Ascendis Pharma A/S, a biopharmaceutical company that utilizes its innovative TransCon technologies to address unmet medical needs, today announced four presentations on achondroplasia and TransCon CNP, the company’s investigational therapy for the condition, at the 14th International Skeletal Dysplasia Society (ISDS) meeting in Oslo, Norway. ISDS is a leading international conference on skeletal dysplasias, bringing together global leaders every two years to promote scientific progress in the field of skeletal dysplasia.

The company’s presentations include an oral presentation reporting results from a phase 1 trial of TransCon CNP, a long-acting prodrug of C-natriuretic peptide (CNP) in development as a potential therapy for children with achondroplasia. Additional poster presentations report on the global birth prevalence and quality-of-life impact of achondroplasia, including the social and emotional aspects of the condition from the perspectives of both children and their parents.

“This research reflects our holistic view of achondroplasia as we develop TransCon CNP as a safe and effective potential therapy designed to provide continuous exposure to CNP which could make a meaningful impact on patient’s lives,” said Jan Mikkelsen, Ascendis Pharma’s President and Chief Executive Officer in a press release. “In addition to the many medical complications associated with the condition, families experience broad social and emotional impacts from achondroplasia. We are committed to fully understanding the patient experience so as to inform our TransCon CNP program – including aspects of achondroplasia beyond skeletal growth.”

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Source: Ascendis Pharma A/S
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